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In the construction sector, the majority of staff work on a mobile basis. For this reason, administrative management is much more complicated. It is not easy to determine the time spent by workers on the sites, the amount of mobility and travel bonuses, the duration of services, the progress of the sites, the periods of leave, absences, the volume of overtime… Moreover, certain activities are subject to specific legal obligations. Like in Belgium, where construction sites of more than five hundred thousand euros must comply with the CheckInAtWork… All this takes up time that the employer would rather devote to the development of his company, to the prospecting of new markets and to the strengthening of his relations with clients. This takes time away from the employer’s business development, market development and customer relations.

Today, systems simplify this day-to-day management. Securysat, one of the European leaders in the field, allows, for example, to automate it greatly. How can this be done? By means of a geolocation and staff identification system (see box). This makes it much easier to calculate working hours, mobility bonuses, CheckInAtWork for the NSSO – for companies that are subject to it in Belgium – and invoicing.
The system is also designed to make it easier for companies to identify their employees.

These advances greatly facilitate business life. They allow substantial savings to be made. They reduce the risk of conflicts, increase customer confidence, and offer faster and more appropriate follow-up.

This is the first time that a company has ever done this kind of work, and it’s the first time that a company has ever done it.

Knowledge of actual working time worked. The construction sector multiplies the number of workplaces. It is not easy for the employer to keep track of the performance of his mobile staff. However, at any given time, he must know which workers are present or absent on the sites, the time worked by the workers, and the overtime hours worked in order to determine the wages. How to avoid being overwhelmed? By equipping workers’ transport vehicles or private vehicles with a geolocation and person identification system. This way, the contractor is informed, precisely and in real time, of the moment when the workers’ vehicle has arrived on a site. He can deduce from this that the work of the personnel has begun within the next few minutes. He can also know the time when the workers left the site. It can also find out when workers have left the site.

Thanks to the geolocation system, the administrative department only has to enter the address of each employee and the address of the various work sites. The program does the rest. For example, the calculation of mobility bonuses becomes child’s play!

It is simple then to establish that the difference between the arrival and departure times constitutes the time worked on the site, minus any breaks, identifiable on the basis of clocking in and out or rules laid down within the company.

A simplification of the calculation of mobility bonuses

The calculation of mobility allowances in the construction sector is, on its own, a real administrative headache. It involves many variables: the distance between home and the first worksite, the distribution of work between several worksites in the same day, the use of a private or professional vehicle, the existence of a meeting point on the way to work, the distribution of roles between driver or passenger… This calculation is extremely complicated for an employer when it is not automated. The Securysat solution allows for a quick and accurate calculation of mobility bonuses. How can this be done? Thanks to the geolocation process installed in the cars and the use of personal identification. The company’s computer system automatically records when each worker enters and leaves a vehicle, as well as the distance travelled between home and the first job of the day and between the last job and home. The administrative department only has to enter the home address of each worker and the address of the various work sites beforehand. The programme does the rest. This makes calculating mobility bonuses child’s play. The program does the rest.

Fully automated CheckInAtWork reporting

In Belgium, all construction sites over €500,000 fall under the legal obligation of CheckInAtWork. This is a daily pre-registration of the workers present with the social security. Those who violate this obligation pay dearly! Based on the geolocation and personnel identification process, this legal requirement can be fully automated without the need for the company’s administrative departments to intervene. For example, in the Securysat interface, the construction site can be set up as a point of interest (POI). As soon as the worker enters the territorial zone of the construction site and badges, his national registration number is directly communicated to the Social Security. This declaration is also usable for the subcontractors, intervening on the building site for which the contractor remains civilly responsible. What time and energy saved! But also what peace of mind for the responsible employer! The Securysat application allows invoicing based on the reality of the services provided. Thanks to the geolocation system, the employer knows the costs he has actually incurred. He knows exactly who was present on each site and for how long, the kilometres travelled to reach the site and the break times. Thus, he can make an exact calculation of the work done and the travel expenses.

The employer knows exactly who was present and for how long, the kilometres travelled to reach the site and the breaks.
This is the only way to keep track of the work done and the costs of travel.

The construction sector is more complicated to manage than any other, solutions, such as Securysat, now exist to simplify the day-to-day management of it.

Without error, He then passes on the charges to the client. The transparency of this billing has the advantage of creating a real climate of trust between the partners.

Better service monitoring

Better service tracking If the employer does not wish to equip its vehicles with a geolocation tag, other solutions exist. For example, aidoo mobile, an ingenious solution for managing the services of mobile staff, based on an application for smartphones or tablets. With Aidoo, the manager can organise the schedules of his staff and send them to each worker. At any time, in the event of an emergency, he can communicate a change in the schedule. The technician indicates when he or she will start work. He records the activities he carries out on his telephone. He notes the parts consumed and the information he deems useful. He transmits them in real time to his employer. He can take and send photos before and after the intervention. He can easily record important technical information. Aidoo also makes it possible to digitise the service report. At the end of the service, the technician has the customer sign the report on the smartphone screen, which officially closes the service. The information goes directly into the company’s ERP system electronically. There are no more vouchers to re-enter, no more errors and no more disputes! The company has complete documentation of the services provided. In addition, the invoicing cycle is considerably shortened. All this in a few clicks.
The company has a complete documentation of the services provided, and the invoicing cycle is greatly shortened.

While the construction sector is more complicated to manage than any other, solutions now exist to simplify its day-to-day management. New tools, based on geolocation, allow considerable automation of administrative tasks. The Securysat solution, for example, offers employers better monitoring of the work actually performed by their staff and control of related costs. For construction sites, it frees them completely from CheckInAtWork declarations and the calculation of mobility bonuses. Thanks to the Aidoo mobile staff service management solution, invoicing is faster and more transparent and customer follow-up more efficient. This saves time, energy and a good image for the company. This is a great way to save time, energy and to improve the company’s image.

Thanks to aidoo mobile, which tracks the performance of staff at different sites, billing is faster and more transparent.

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