Refrigerated transport? A very demanding activity. A failure in the cold chain can cause a real financial, commercial and public health disaster…

The respect of the cold chain during transport is a complex process, during which temperatures must constantly conform to the requirements of the product. Breaking this balance can be very costly indeed. A huge risk that must be mastered from A to Z!

Multiple challenges

One out of every two drugs put on the market is sensitive to temperature changes. A break in the refrigerated chain is therefore a real public health issue and can endanger the consumer. The press has also raised the importance and difficulties encountered during the transport of covid-19 vaccines. Temperature stability during transport is a major issue for the pharmaceutical industry and the final beneficiary.

This is also the case in the food industry: bacteria proliferate more easily when temperatures rise. An error of only few degrees during transport represents a real threat for consumers. Either the loss of the qualities (taste, appearance, etc.) of the products; or the complete deterioration of tons of goods. With dramatic economic consequences for your customers and your company.

No room for error

Cold storage logistics is unforgiving: you must handle the products and ensure their preservation within a specific temperature range throughout your entire work assignment. For example? Frozen products must be transported at a temperature between -23°C and -9°C. Some vegetables must travel between 5.5°C and 12°C. There is no room for guesswork! Hence, you need to use a reliable and efficient temperature control device! Technology comes to your rescue with solutions perfectly adapted to these challenges…

Efficiency and rigorous monitoring

Your goal? To enable your drivers and other employees to keep a permanent and automatic eye on temperatures. To check – before, during and after the journey – that the refrigeration unit is working properly and to ensure that the desired temperature is always maintained. All this can be achieved with sensors that communicate via Bluetooth (wireless sensors) and therefore require virtually no installation and cost very little. What does this mean in concrete terms?

  • They transmit the temperatures in real time to a software platform and thus guarantee the respect of the cold chain. And alerts can be programmed in case of temperature decrease or increase.
  • This module is also coupled with door opening sensors to avoid temperature variations. Indeed, the temperature changes are often important following the opening of the doors. This tool allows you to avoid thinking that the cooler is no longer working properly and also to make the drivers aware of this.

A control that reassures your customers…

This innovative technological module is obviously efficient. But it is also reliable and proven: essential characteristics in cold logistics. In case of a problem or a suspicious temperature fluctuation? Your manager is informed via an alert transmitted in real time (by SMS, email, or directly in the application). Even without an incident… everything is automated and recorded in reports that you can send to your customer to prove the preservation of temperatures throughout your mission. An indispensable asset to reassure him of your professionalism and reliability!

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