The maintenance of your vehicles is a key factor in boosting efficiency of your fleet. Why not exploit the potential of technology to manage your maintenance?

If you manage a large fleet of vehicles, the task is far from simple. It is critical to avoid breakdowns as much as possible in order to increase the availability of your fleet.  Therefore timely maintenance and repair reduction time plays an important role.These essential tasks increase the lifetime of your vehicles and lower your operating costs. But how can you do this? With technology and a reliable solution offered with Securysat Maintenance. This module helps you to proactively manage the maintenance of your fleet. You enter the data once and the rest is done by technology, including reminders of each deadline… Easy!

How does the Securysat Maintenance module work?

A beacon is installed in each vehicle to automatically collect and send data to the platform. Data includes, for example, the time elapsed or the distance driven since the last maintenance.  With this information Securysat Maintenance will alert you of any upcoming maintenance deadline. Your role as a fleet manager? Set the form (e-mail, sms or notification via the platform) and recipients of these alerts, as well as their recurrence.

Informed view of your fleet

The Securysat Maintenance dashboard gives you a clear view on :

  • Status of your fleet in real time;
  • Follow-up of maintenance, ongoing and scheduled actions;
  • History of each vehicle in a dedicated file (accidents, breakdowns, etc.);  
  • Information related to leasing or insurance;
  • Operating cost of each vehicle.

The advantages of telematics

The Securysat Maintenance solution provides you with the keys to proactive management of your vehicles’ maintenance and preventive maintenance. But what does this mean in terms of benefits for your company?  

  • Productivity gains. With planning and simplifying the technical follow-up of each vehicle;
  • Lower operational costs. All maintenance is carried out at the right time, which reduces the risk of breakdowns and the expense of (emergency) repairs and limits the number of days your vehicles are unavailable;
  • Better execution of tasks. All those responsible for monitoring the fleet have a real-time tool at their disposal at all times to check the status of each vehicle.
  • Optimisation of fleet management. Securysat Maintenance calculates the total operating cost of each vehicle, taking into account expenses related to maintenance, servicing and accidents.

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