Do you manage a fleet of equipment? Then you are probably dreaming of efficient digital systems to ” steer ” your resources and improve your company’s performance…

How many excavators are on a given site? How many grinders are in your equipment pool? What is the annual use of your jackhammers ? How many backhoe loaders are under-utilized at the moment ? Are you facing machine theft ? How do you know if your bulldozers don’t need to be serviced? Your equipment is always on the move, and it’s difficult to properly manage your company’s valuable resources without complete, real-time information…

1. Track your machines and equipment

Real-time geolocation is one of the strong points of such systems: you always know where each piece of equipment is located. Not only do you have an up-to-date inventory of all your resources, but you also have an insight into their position (by site, by category, etc.). This traceability also allows you not to confuse equipment and thus avoid assignment errors. As well as to fight against theft or misplaced equipment…

2. Benefit from a 360° vision

How about being able to locate all your machines, calculate their usage time and avoid costly breakdowns?  You can easily improve the availability and use of resources to increase your productivity and prevent malfunctions. This is a key issue for any equipment manager and it has an impact on production costs and turnover. The opportunity of such improvements are within your reach thanks to “simple” and effective technological solutions,  like a multitude of sensors that provide valuable information on the time of use of machines and even their accessories (bucket, boom, etc.)

3. Optimize the use of resources

Idle tools are a major waste of your production resources and therefore of efficiency. Fortunately, technology allows you to know exactly how each piece of equipment is used, when it has been cleaned or refueled, where it has been dropped off and by whom, when it has been inspected, etc. This allows you to quickly locate and reallocate available resources. Do you have a request for materials for a new job? You know if the warehouse can meet it. Planning and management become more efficient than ever.

4. Use the data to your advantage

When your equipment fleet is “connected”, you collect a lot of information from the field. This information is very useful for saving time and improving decision making. Imagine a machine breakdown that blocks an entire site. If you don’t react quickly by finding an alternative… It could be costly in financial and commercial terms.

5. Improve maintenance management

Are you wondering how to avoid breakdowns and bad surprises? By anticipating and maintaining your equipment on time. These technology solutions provide precise knowledge of the life cycle of each machine and can accurately alert you at the best time when maintenance or replacement is needed.

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