The mobility of your employees makes follow-up and administrative tasks increasingly complex. The solution? Digital tools to collect service data…

Do your workers respect the working hours? How much time did they spend on the road or at a client’s site? Does a particular job site experience absences? If these questions are still being asked, it is because you are facing difficulties in managing your mobile staff: planning services, calculating wages, meeting regulatory obligations, etc. Sophisticated tools allow you to keep control of your human resources… with important advantages!

1. Keep track of your mobile teams

Do you think it’s impossible to get your drivers to sign in on the road or your workers to sign in on the job site? Technology now makes it possible! Simply equip your vehicles with a digital accessory that allows drivers and passengers to check in at the beginning and end of the day. The same thing can be done on construction sites where you can install a mobile time clock. Finally, very efficient smartphone applications offers the possibility, both to the team leader and to each technician, to sign in via cell phone.

Do you also want to know the position of your employees in real time to better manage them? Install geolocation and identification systems in the vehicles. You will then collect essential data for both managers and the HR department.

2. Calculate working time in the blink of an eye

These digital instruments save you time… and therefore money! You automatically collect all the data related to the performance of each worker (start and end of the day, movements, etc.). You no longer waste time chasing information: everything is centralized and connected to your internal software. The data is also analyzed and corrected by an algorithm to guarantee its quality and to meet your internal rules. The benefits are numerous:

  • Administrative tasks are easier than ever;
  • Everything is clear for everyone: no more discussions about overtime or travel expenses;
  • Your employees are engaged and on time;
  • Team managers have effective tools to organize work;
  • Billing of services is automated as everything is calculated directly on site.

3. Collect information to calculate salaries

The collected data also offers you the possibility to correctly and easily calculate the salaries of your workers. This saves time and money for your HR department! The icing on the cake: you have a clear view of the budgets and resources mobilized for each client. Your invoicing has never been so simple…

4. Calculate mobility bonuses

This obligation concerns companies in the construction sector in Belgium. Is this your case? You know how tedious it is to determine this “compensation” allocated to each worker for his journeys between home and the construction site. The calculation method takes into account several legal parameters: passenger or driver; number of kilometers traveled; several worksites during the day, etc. Everything is made easier thanks to digital tools and collected data, since you have the information at your disposal in a few clicks.

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