Every year the equivalent of 8.2 billion dollars* worth of cargo is stolen in Europe. Don’t take any more risks and keep your goods safe thanks to technology…

The goods circulate throughout the continent and inevitably attract theft. While storage facilities are increasingly well guarded, thieves have taken to attacking trucks parked in parking lots. Cargo theft is a real issue in Europe and more so in Africa, all types of goods are affected. It happens quickly – often without breaking and entering – and no company is safe!  You are usually liable as a carrier in case of loss or theft of the goods? Such theft is a source of trouble and expense that you can minimize by using certain advanced modern solutions…

1. Track your goods

A lot of damage can happen during transport. But a small device – installed in seconds and with no wiring – can make all the difference: a GPS beacon. A transmitter permanently linked to the goods. You know in real time its location. An abnormally long parking time? Going off the planned route? The chip sends you an alert. Last but not least, this technology produces reports tracing the history of its journey.

But if you prefer, you can also track your trailers rather than your manchandises, thanks to GPS beacons equipped with high-capacity batteries. Designed to recharge themselves as soon as the tractor hooks up to the trailer, they are able to geolocate, detect movements or send alerts. This solution gives independence from the carriers that handle them.

2. Double-lock your packages

By adding a security seal to the GPS tag, the level of security increases drastically. It is a locking system that can be adapted to each type of transport vehicle (container, covered truck or tanker). Your cargoes are thus identified and protected by this “lock”. Opening the seal in an unauthorized area leaves a trace and triggers an alert in real time. And that’s not all: the tag also identifies everyone involved in the supply chain, such as the person closing the container and placing the tag, the driver, or the person opening the seal.

3. Identify your cargo

You’ve probably already heard of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags… The concept is simple: small tags are placed on transported objects, tools, transport pallets, or are hidden in the goods. They permanently emit a signal picked up via Bluetooth by the GPS beacon installed in the vehicle or at the warehouse. As a result, you can check at any time whether the goods are still in the vehicle, whether they have been dropped off and, if so, when they were dropped off and by whom.

*According to Europol statistics

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