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Public works, construction, renovation, heating, electricity, solar panels, restroom facilities, kitchens, tiling.

Benefits for construction

Construction trades are traditional, very labor-intensive trades. The industry is characterized by strong international competition that is sometimes unfair. Controlling costs has become a key factor in staying competitive, making it possible to gain markets while remaining profitable. Automating scheduling tasks, personnel management (work hours, time off, illness, mobility bonuses…) and administration (CO2 bonuses, billing) becomes essential.

In contrast, companies who still make their schedules by hand and handle piles of paper maintenance reports, time sheets, expense reports, etc., are handicapped. Their operational costs are too high compared to their competition who have moved on to automation…

They trust us

Viasat Connect Belgium’s solution has made it possible to meet the legal requirements regarding mobility bonuses while drastically reducing our administrative workload. Since its implementation, abuse of personal vehicle use has stopped completely.

Laurent Jacquet, IT Manager, T-Palm

Aidoo mobile – how does it work ?


  • A GPS tag installed in each vehicle
  • An Android tablet or smartphone


  • Optimization of the efficiency and productivity of resources
  • Better management of rolling stock (vehicles, engines)
  • Increased control of workers and use of rolling stock
  • Reduction of costs through automatic report generation
  • Increased safety for personnel and rolling stock
  • Better compliance with applicable legislation

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