Secure your vehicle to prevent theft risks

The Securysat TT Anti-Theft system :

  • detects any lifting or movement of vehicle with the engine off
  • remotely locates and immobilizes the stolen vehicle
  • identifies the driver
  • prevents restarting the vehicle
  • generates an alarm in the event of system tampering attempt
  • is in good standing with the insurance companies that require installation of such systems.

Securysat was the first vendor to obtain the certificate of conformity issued by Incert, independent certification body that verifies the correct application of very strict manufacturing standards for resistance to attacks and activation/deactivation procedures.
Installation of the Securysat TT is simple: the approved installer installs it in your facilities or the system is installed at any authorized installer locations or dealer in Belgium or Luxembourg.


Protect your vehicles against theft.

When one steals your car or a vehicle in your company’s fleet, you have no choice but to declare the theft to the police within 24 hours and to your insurance company within 48 hours. And you do not have any guarantee of reimbursement.

You think it cannot happen to you? According to Le Parisien, over 300 vehicles are stolen every day in France, which equals to stealing a car just about every five minutes.

Prevent the risk of theft and avoid long process with your insurer by installing Securysat TT anti-theft system on all your vehicles.

Geolocation and immobilization of your vehicle in case of theft

Along with the local police, we are able to locate and remotely immobilize the stolen vehicle. For further protection, vehicles can be equipped with a driver recognition system and monitoring system which detect any attempt to move the vehicle even with the engine off.

We manufacture our own range of Securysat anti-theft systems in Belgium .