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Mission accomplished? Inform your customers correctly!

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There are many sectors where you need to justify a series of elements following a service to a customer. An example? A boiler repair, a medical equipment maintenance... Take advantage of today's innovative solutions to reassure your customers.

Whatever your sector... you are more and more required to certify the good execution of your services or interventions. Technology is your main ally!

Meeting deadlines; respecting work orders; ensuring quality; guaranteeing transparency; complying with regulatory obligations; etc. The need for reliable and immediate information is growing. It's hard to prove that you're doing the right thing without the help of powerful digital systems. You need to have eyes everywhere at all times and collect evidence that can be communicated to your customers! This is what technology now allows...

1. Transport with a trace

Digital technology is a must in the logistics sector. Your customers want to be able to verify, in real time, the location and integrity of their cargo. Thanks to small autonomous GPS beacons, you can follow all the movements of your loads. You are also able to ensure that the operation runs smoothly (safety, deadlines, respect for the cold chain, compliance with standards, etc.) and to identify each person involved. Guarantees that reassure your customers.

2. Your technicians on site

How to make sure that your worker on the move has arrived at the customer's site? Nothing could be easier with innovative geolocation systems: trip history; working hours; notifications; definition of "favorite" locations that record the position of your vehicles nearby; etc. Very useful data to enrich your reports and avoid disputes.

3. Services with a single click

Your technician has just finished his assignment: he had to install an unscheduled part and work an extra three hours. Thanks to digital technology? He encodes all the information (consumables, time worked, tasks performed, etc.) on his smartphone and even attaches photos. He then gets the report validated by the customer. Everything is shared online and you don't lose any information for billing... Simple and efficient!

4. Quality assured

Is your company operating in refrigerated transport? The respect of the cold chain is crucial and you need to offer guarantees to your customers. Digital solutions, such as probes, allow you to control and prove the reliability of your services. For example, temperatures are transmitted in real time to a software platform. You receive alerts in case of a glitch or if the truck's door is opened unexpectedly. This is how technology can help you meet the demands of your industry...

5. Your regulatory filings

If you're in construction, you're probably familiar with the obligation to register your site presence (Checkinatwork) with the social security (ONSS). Digital solutions simplify and automate this formality. Among other things, via mobile time clock systems that allow the worker or team leader to sign in via their smartphone

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