Securysat version

Dear Partners,

We are glad to announce the production of a new version of the application Securysat Fleet and a new version of the Admin Tool.

This version automatically becomes applicable at the next login at

This version contains the following functionalities and improvements:


  • Correction bug about search on the map
  • The passengers list is visible for the vehicle (flag)

Management tab:

  • Maintenance Module 
    •  A 4th status has been added: «maintenance completed» allowing to fill in data such as the maintenance date, the value (ex. mileage) and comments
    • When closing the maintenance session, a link has been added to create the next maintenance session for the same vehicle
    • In the maintenance list, practical view on evolution of the status
  • Alerts management:
    • Visibility of the action type that did not appear for the existing actions. (ex. send mail, popup,…)
  • Logbook: improvement of the performances
  • Temperature Management : Correction in the management of the temperature probes


  • Report fuel follow-up: cancellation of negative values
  • Evolutions in the module Fuel Tracking (validation refuel, columns have been added in several reports)
  • Report temperatures vehicle: all vehicle probes are included in the temperature graphs
  • Report position: cancellation of incoherent technical messages and dates (01-01-2000 or 31-12-1999)

For the Admin Tool, after-sales service management has been added. Starting from now you can follow the repair status of the beacons sent to Viasat Connect Belgium.

The entire Securysat team is at your service for additional information.

Best regards,
the Viasat Connect Belgium team !