Securysat version

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We are pleased to announce the update Securysat, Version

This version automatically becomes applicable at the next login at

This version contains the following functionalities and improvements:


  • Improvement of the display quality of the routes on the maps makes it easier to follow the routes.
  • SIG: uniformization of the layer management between Google Maps and OpenStreetMaps


  • New management menu of the probes and the alarms connected to the temperatures: this menu for temperature probes allows to attribute probes to one or more groups to follow vehicles equipped with several probes and then generate alarms according to the type of probe (for example temperature > 5° for the probes of group fridge 5°). Possibility to add a term for this type of alarm
  • Management of inactive state for the vehicles. This allows you for example to show in the lists only the vehicles with (active) tags (normally only the active are shown).
  • New function to create an account or add a fleet from a login page


  • Improved management of starting addresses of routes: when a tag does not transmit a correct position at the beginning of the route (invalid GPS-position after restart of tag), the address of the most recent valid position (at the last stop of the vehicle) is shown.
  • Replacement of the address by the name of the POI according to the setting defined in the POI-management.
  • All available reports in .CSV and PDF can be planned from now on.
  • Daily report: graphical improvements allowing a better control of the badging consistency in relation to routes and construction sites (POI’s)
  • Add latitude-longitude to event reports.
  • Vehicle usage report: kilometre total corresponds to the number of kilometres of the vehicle at the end of the requested period


  • Correction of the kilometres in case of spreading of kilometres over not validated routes
  • Possibility to save the type of route and comments without validation
  • Replacement of addresses by the name of the POI
  • Correction of wrong addresses


  • Improvement of the «fuel follow-up» reports
  • Selection of a vehicle for visualization on the map: just click on the name of a vehicle, the zoom is on the vehicle and is not added to the list of marked vehicles.
  • In the simple control panel: when the cursor points to a vehicle the address or POI is shown
  • Several small improvements.

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The Viasat Connect Belgium-team