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Brussels-based Viasat Connect Belgium strengthens its European presence

Brussels, July 28, 2016 ﹘ Viasat Group, #3 European Telematics player, took a majority equity stake in Brussels—based Viasat Connect Belgium. This change will help the Belgian company strengthen its position in Benelux, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and French-speaking Africa, as well as enter the very promising insurance-telematics sector.

Viasat Connect Belgium has been active in the international telematics market for the last 20 years. A pioneer in GPS-based vehicle security solutions, the company develops, manufactures and distributes technologies aimed at improved management of field personnel, vehicles and moving assets. Viasat Connect Belgium is a Belgian leader in telematics technologies and Internet of Things. It is also one of the only players that manufactures its devices in Belgium.

Combining GPS, smart phone apps and cloud computing, Viasat Connect Belgium solutions allow, amongst others, to verify temperature-controlled supply chains, protect vehicles against theft and unauthorized usage, detect fuel theft, monitor the position and usage rate of moving objects such as containers or trailers, or to plan and follow up on the activities of technicians, social workers or nurses through a smart phone.

Viasat Connect Belgium, local anchor point of the Viasat Group

With an objective to reinforce its European position, Viasat Group, #3 European Telematics player, took a majority equity position in Viasat Connect Belgium. Since Viasat was not yet present in the key Viasat Connect Belgium markets, the Brussels company becomes the anchor point for the whole group for Benelux, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and French-speaking Africa. Viasat Connect Belgium will benefit from the expertise of Viasat in the very promising Insurance Telematics market. Thanks to new technologies, car drivers enjoy reduced insurance fees based on driven kilometers and even, on vehicle usage and driving behavior.

 “Viasat’s equity investment represents an attractive growth opportunity for Viasat Connect Belgium” underlines Didier Bennert, Viasat Connect Belgium CEO. “Next to reinforcing of our European and African positions, we will have the opportunity to capitalize on the promising telematics insurance market possibilities. This new position offers a unique opportunity to export our Belgian expertise within a strong European group.

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Didier Bennert
Viasat Connect Belgium CEO
Tél. : +32 484 210 470

About Viasat Connect Belgium

With over 22.000 connected vehicles, Viasat Connect Belgium is a Belgian leader in the field of telematics fleet management systems. We develop and commercialize innovative hardware and software solutions to help companies manage field personnel, vehicles and assets. Its solutions, available in the form of SaaS, are sold in Europe and Africa via a network of resellers and systems integrators.  Established in Haren (Brussels Region), the company manufactures and develops its solutions in its own facilities.


About Viasat Group

Viasat, established in Italy in 1974, is a specialized group in the design, manufacture and supply of telematics products & services to the Insurance industry and for the management of fleets of vehicles. Viasat is present today thorough subsidiaries in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Poland, Belgium and United Kingdom, and though distributors in more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. With over 630,000 connected assets within the group, a dedicated and passionate workforce of around 500 people and revenues approaching Euro 46 million in 2015, the company is well positioned to exploit the IoT opportunities that lay ahead.