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How to improve the productivity of your teams with digital technology?

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How can you optimize your activities if you don't know what your workers do? To keep control of your costs and gain competitiveness... rely on digital tools!

What do you require to effectively manage your mobile teams? Information! This is the decisive factor for the success of your company... 

Are your teams made up of mobile workers? From the construction industry to the repair and maintenance professions, from home care nurses to cleaning and security companies. They are always on the road and have to perform their services far from the company? How do you manage your staff in these circumstances? How to organize and plan the working time? How do you ensure that the missions are carried out properly? That's the challenge!

Highlight your services

If the operations of your field teams are not properly managed, the company's profitability is under pressure. You don't know the nature of the services performed or their duration? Are your technicians' or orderlies' movements not optimized? You are not sure if your on-site work schedules are respected?  You don't know if your deliveries are made on time? Without this crucial information, you are in the dark... It will be impossible for you to organize your teams; to assign missions efficiently; to invoice correctly; to respect budgets; to identify inefficiencies; or to complete your administrative tasks. As a result, you won't be able to control your costs and will lose competitiveness.

Go digital

Now more than ever, it's time for digital technology and increasingly innovative solutions to improve the monitoring and efficiency of your mobile workers' activities. The key?

  • Reduce your administrative workload significantly;
  • Accelerate the invoicing of your customers;
  • Improve the execution of services with positive effects for your customers and your workers;
  • Control all parameters through better data collection and analysis;
  • Reduce the risk of errors by setting up automatic alerts;
  • Optimize the use of your resources thanks to more reliable information, promoting better decision making.

Solutions adapted to your needs

Digital tools offer you control over your teams and their services thanks to the combination of software and hardware solutions. All of this in an automated, centralized and immediate way. How would you like to be able to :

  • Plan the performance of your staff members;
  • Determine their working hours thanks to a mobile time clock
  • Locate them in real time;
  • Collect trip data by installing beacons on your vehicles;
  • Assign an urgent mission according to proximity and availability on the ground;
  • Issue enhanced reports (photos, purchase orders, customer signatures, etc.);
  • Etc.

All this in a few clicks on your tablet or computer? Your invoicing and the work of your administrative department are greatly simplified. All this is possible!

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