Web Services

Exchanging data between your vehicles and backoffice applications

Automatic integration of data into your backoffice systems

Securysat Web Services module provide integration, exchange and consolidation of information collected by Securysat devices into your CRM, ERP, fleet management software or other backend software.

Indeed, investing in big data or storage of massive amounts of data is not very useful if you cannot exploit, manipulate and compare it with each other or with various data elements. No need for you to juggle countless Excel spreadsheets to share fleet related data: with Web Services everything is just a click away.

We are able to analyze, specify, develop and test either standard or custom integration of your data through our unique web services approach.

Each of our clients receives personalized attention and support to address their specific requirements.
Using standard open source mechanisms, SQL-based synchronization agents or even the services of import / export, our integration engineers are able to create a seamless integration with your backend systems

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