Maintenance Management Module

The benefits of the Maintenance Module are invaluable:

  • Ensuring vehicle’s availability
  • Extending vehicle’s life cycle with preventive maintenance
  • Timely maintenance planning and proper follow up for each vehicle
  • Automatic notifications to Fleet Maintenance Managers (based on mileage or hours driven)
  • Productivity improvement with a simple and powerful tool

Thanks to the advanced module of Maintenance, you can manage:

• Information related to leasing, insurance, ...
• Maintenance plans by type of vehicle (digital version of the maintenance booklet)
• History of maintenance by encoding the jobs done
• History of accidents
• A summary of the number of maintenances in progress and those who are programmed in the future
• The operating cost of each vehicle

An infinite number of alerts can be configured per vehicle. These can be based on the following criteria:

  • Mileage
  • Digital input 1 (machine hours 1)
  • Digital input 2 (machine hours 2)
  • Contract duration
  • Specific date

Every night the counters are updated and alerts are sent in case of threshold reached.

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