Securysat GIS (Geographic Information System)

Track your vehicles on any map

Integrating your custom mapping solutions

The Securysat GIS (Geographic Information System) module is a mapping interface that tracks vehicles, persons or objects on various, sometimes superimposed, detailed or custom maps.

Many professions require the use of specialized mapping software, often in the following fields:

  • land management and planning
  • cadastral mapping
  • utility network developments and management: electricity, water, internet, antennas
  • infrastructure of fire hydrants
  • farming: agricultural, mining, forestry
  • zoning: construction, warehousing, ports.

Securysat GIS offers the possibility to view complex data specific to your business, such as your resources and services, by simultaneously using several maps: your own custom maps or, if required, several superimposed maps.

The installation of the GIS module is simple: a single activation is sufficient, allowing you to avoid high development or installation costs. Specifically, the interface will offer you choices of either superimposed mappings or mapping of choice to replace the default map.

The power of Securysat GIS Module lies in its ease of data integration as well as in highly ergonomic user interface: a simple click activates the mapping layer and thus making it visible on the map.

In addition, the module permits you to load your desired POI (Point Of Interest) directly from the GIS layers. These POIs are used in reports allowing, for example, to produce statistics taking into account the position of vehicles nearby particular infrastructure point localized by the GIS.

Securysat GIS supports the most popular formats ie AutoCAD DXF, KML, shapefile (used by MapServer, Grass, uDig, MapGuide Open Source GmapCreator, QGIS, gvSIG, etc.).

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