Fuel Tracking

Reduce Fuel Costs

Fuel Tracking module:

  • measures in real-time the fuel level
  • detects theft by draining
  • detects theft by overfilling
  • generates local and remote anti-theft alarms
  • provides significant cost savings month after month

Installing Fuel Tracker on your vehicle can save you thousands of Euros every month.

Srutinize consumption, real-time alerts and comparative reporting

Securysat Fuel Tracking is a module that detects fuel theft from the tank, either by draining or overfilling.

For logistics and transport enterprises this is a known problem; gasoline or diesel thefts by draining or overfilling are unfortunately very common.

The draining often takes place when the driver is absent or at rest on a motorway service area.

Overfilling is a known practice of unscrupulous drivers who use the gas station passage to pump additional fuel to jerican canisters for their personal use.

Additional cost of fuel and delays associated with each theft lead to significant financial loss for your business with each theft incident.

By installing the Securysat Fuel Tracker, you will detect remotely and at any time either fuel theft or cases of suspected fuel consumption.

The additional options of Fuel Card and Fuel Monitor combined together provide automatic comparison of the number of kilometers actually driven to the amount invoiced by your fuel provider or to the amount of fuel actually consumed. Any inconsistencies are detected and you will be immediately notified in case of overfilling.

Option Fuel Sipho is programmed to alert you in the event of sudden decrease of fuel level in the tank. Once there the draining is taking place and the fuel level decreases, an alert is triggered immediately. The alert can be silent (sending an SMS, an email or opening a pop-up window) or audible (activation of horn, blinking lights or vehicle alarm system).

Securysat Fuel Tracker is manufactured in Belgium.  This auto-calibration system is simple to install and compatible with most vehicles and standard GPS devices having an analog input.

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