Fuel Delivery

A solution for planning and controlling the refuelling of construction machinery or stationary tanks

Delivery Planning

The dispatcher plans the delivery date and time as well as the planned fuel quantities in just a few clicks. The smartphone or tablet of the delivery person displays the schedule for the day of the week or month. Any changes to the schedule in case of emergency, for example to add deliveries, are made in real time on the delivery person's screen.


On his smartphone or tablet, the delivery person visualises his schedule and finds all the details of the customer (site) to be delivered. When he arrives at the place of delivery, he starts a service:

  • Automatic geolocation of the position
  • Encoding of delivery quantity and fuel type
  • Encoding of vehicle registration data
  • Request for signature
  • Taking one or more photos


Each service completion (Stop Job) generates the delivery report with all the information (Quantity requested / delivered / vehicle,...). The report can be sent automatically to the final customer, to the dispatcher,...

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