Fleet Management

Optimize travel routes, reduce fuel consumption and secure your fleet.

Using Securysat Fleet Management module you can :

  • monitor and simultaneously manage one or more vehicles in real-time
  • view your vehicles on a map
  • analyze stops and driving times
  • determine which vehicles are closest to a given location
  • identify drivers
  • establish detailed reports that can be exported to XLS or PDF.

Real life example: the East Flanders Centre ambulance is responsible to assure transport for 80 patients a day. With Securysat Fleet Management module, the Centre is able to see the positioning of ambulances at any time and assign emergency calls to the nearest available vehicle. And save more lives.

Complete real-time fleet management solution

Securysat Fleet Management module provides monitoring and vehicle tracking system for companies wanting to reduce costs related to the use of their vehicles.

You manage a fleet of police vehicles, taxis, trucks, international transport, courier, plumbers, technicians, nurses, doctors or other field service business.

You are hanging on the phone all day? You juggle different tools and endless Excel sheets. Your day is full of permanent urgencies.

Do you recognize yourself?

Securysat Fleet guarantees better management, significant gain of time, considerable savings and improved control for calmly managed operations.

We provide all fleet management tools in one place. Our reports are generated automatically and are easily exportable. No need to spend your day coordinating activities on the phone: you can track your vehicles remotely and therefore treat all emergencies quickly, calmly and professionally.

Serviced through international network of certified Viasat Connect Belgium resellers, Securysat Fleet Management is a leading product to address location-based fleet management requirements.