Eco Driving

Reduce operating costs of your fleet

Eco driving : économies de carburant

With Securysat Module Eco-Driving:

  • Reduce your fuel and maintenance costs
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Drive more safely and more wisely
  • Assist the driver at all times
  • Encourage drivers to drive responsibly

The Securysat Eco-Driving module has already helped many companies to contribute to the welfare of the planet.

Decrease ecological footprint

How are you driving? How much fuel you consume?  And most importantly, how could you consume less? There are of tons of tips and advice published on the web, but which one to choose and how to apply it?

Securysat Eco Driving provides a unique self-correcting solution.  It detects speed overruns directly on the map and triggers alerts real-time so that the driver can self-correct his behavior right away.

Specifically, Securysat Eco-Driving records numerous parameters such as: distance driven by hour, day or week, type of roads used, actual speed, etc. By recording rapid acceleration, frequent braking or taking sharp turns, the module analyzes driving behavior in real-time and responds by emitting a sound signal and warning lights on the dashboard. Gradually, the driver realizes his errors and corrects the driving style.

The Eco-Driving Module is ideal for organizations with environmental awareness and who want to contribute to reduction of CO2 on the planet. At Viasat Connect Belgium, we take this subject seriously.   In addition to producing the Eco-Driving modules and in partnership with the NGO Seed of Life, we plant 10 trees in Madagascar for each vehicle equipped with the Eco-Driving unit.

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