Guarantee the cold chain

Real-time monitoring and alerts & certified reports

Securysat Temperature module offers several solutions for the refrigerated transport industry. Temperatures are sent in real-time to the Securysat software platform and guarantee, through multiple alerts, that the cold chain is respected. Coupled with door opening sensors, this module is efficient, reliable and proven by many demanding customers.

Depending on requirements, the Securysat Temperature module is based on 2 technologies: wireless technology using active RFID tags or digital sensor technology for temperature monitoring.  These probes are set to measure the temperature regularly and automatically transmit data to the Securysat Platform.

When the measured temperature represents a risk, the manager is alerted via real-time alert. This alert provides efficient incident management.

No need to create additional incident reporting to prove cold chain compliance.

Creating alerts is flexible, they are sent according to your preferences: via SMS, email, and by opening a window directly in the application.

Securysat provides reliable solution to track any temperature variations deemed unsafe and deliver accurate real-time information to the designated contacts.

The solution supports multi-zone (multiple sensors installed in the same vehicle, with or without separation) and various report formats are available as standard (PDF, Excel).

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