Services Module

The Services Modules allows to:

  • Facilitate the calculation of salaries and the administration of itinerant personnel with the various time clocking solutions
  • Calculate all hours worked
  • Calculate Mobility Premiums
  • Fulfil the Checkinatwork obligations

The journey data collected by in-vehicle Securysat beacons combined with the registration of driver and passengers using the badging solutions can greatly simplify administrative tasks related to management of field personnel. The work time recording can also be carried out using Securysat Mobile Punchclock.

The collected data allows precise calculation of time spent by field staff at customer sites, at construction sites or in the office. This ensures correct calculation of salaries and proper allocation of costs to be billed for contracted services, construction work or other projects.

In the construction sector, the accumulated data is used to calculate mobility premiums, such as specific compensation for daily travel between home and the first site, as well as between the last site and home. Thanks to this data each worker can be pre-register at Checkinatwork.

Finally, all of this data can be automatically captured through our web services by your company’s ERP system in order to fully automate administration of personnel.