Our Solutions

Protect the transport of your goods

The E-lock beacon is a unique GPS beacon on the market to follow the transport of your goods in real time.

A GPS beacon

- Permanently connected via an International SIM card (Europe & Africa)

- Communicating to the Viasat Connect Belgium web platform, whatever the country of destination

A mobile and autonomous punch-tacking machine with a seal adapted to the type of transport

- Placed in seconds and without any connection

- Offering an important autonomy

- A digital opening detection circuit adapted according to the type of transport

  • Container
  • Covered truck
  • Tanker

Transport and document tracking

The E-lock beacon has an RFID reader to identify the logistic actors (driver, logistician, customs officer,...) and the transport documents giving in real time a status of the goods (where they are, who is responsible for them,...).

Alert management

A system for generating alerts (SMS, e-mail, pop-up) of seal opening, prolonged parking, authorized route exit, low battery, ... guarantees the smooth running of the transport.

Control and monitoring reports

- Badging ratio => who did what where and when

- History linked to a document/commodity

- Reports of journeys, stops, ... of the vehicle that transported the goods

real-time vehicle tracking securysat

Trace all vehicles in real-time

The Securysat beacon is a GPS/GPRS device to install in any vehicle (bus, car, truck, construction vehicle, motorcycle, etc.). It keeps track of vehicle status in real-time.

Once installed, the device captures and transmits positioning information in real-time to highly secure servers. The Securysat beacon can capture multiple data and reconcile it to optimize fleet management and reinforce controls.

Most accessories related to the Securysat GPS beacon are manufactured and guaranteed in Belgium. Consult our range of accessories available.

These accessories include:

  • GPS antennas
  • GSM antennas
  • Cables
  • SIM cards
  • Analog temperature sensors
  • Male/female RS232 cables
  • Batteries
  • Sensors
  • etc.

The Securysat Mobile Punchclock allows you to remotely and automatically obtain, attendance sheets from your mobile workforce. It is ideal for companies that want to automate in-and-out clocking.

Attendance time is automatically calculated and available in real-time via web interface. Various reports are exportable to facilitate supervision and monitoring. Reports are available by employee, by group of employees or specific site and are based on user defined activity periods.

For more information: visit checkinatwork.net

Ideal equipment for tracking of objects, such as containers, packages to be delivered, site equipment, urban equipment or stolen objects.

Equipped with motion sensors and thermal sensors, RFID transmitters detect suspicious movements such as theft attempts. They also ensure temperature monitoring and maintenance of the cold chain.

Many usage scenarios of this innovative technology are available: Viasat Connect Belgium and its partners specifically advice each company to tailor the solution to the operations and benefits desired.

About the size of a matchbox, transmitters are discreet and versatile. They are powered by an internal battery with life span of 3 years. Object identification is transmitted continuously at a predetermined frequency (e.g.: 1 minute) and at a configurable distance (5 to 90m) based on circumstances and customer needs.

Fuel Tracker device is used to detect fuel theft by draining or overfilling. It detects all suspect cases.

Connected to the vehicle tank gauge, Fuel Tracker is also connected to the GPS device and automatically compares the number of kilometers traveled to the volume of fuel actually purchased and/or consumed.

The Fuel Tracker unit is very simple to install. It’s compatible with most vehicles and with all GPS devices having analog input. It calibrates automatically and can be connected to the horn, headlights or a siren to generate local alerts.

The Fuel Probe is a probe that is placed in the tank. Variable in size (700 mm to 3000 mm), it is extremely easy to cut at the right length.

Calibration is done using the Calibrator:
• The calibrator is connected to the probe
• First we register a max value (full) and then the min value (empty)

The Fuel Probe is a tool for measuring the level and fuel consumption of your tanks and also an effective tool to fight against fuel theft
• Real-time visibility of the fuel level of your tanks
• Alerts when "low fuel level" is reached
• Planning for intelligent filling
• Reports of consumption and siphoning

Protect vehicles again theft

Securysat TT (Tracking & Tracing) is a complete range of vehicle anti-theft systems.

The TT systems are used to remotely locate and follow vehicles in case of theft. Location data is transmitted to a surveyance company and it’s used by police for intervention. In case of theft, it’s possible to immobilize the vehicle from a distance by preventing it from restarting.

Some insurance companies include installation of such anti-theft system in their contracts as a prerequisite to insurance coverage. Non-compliance with this prerequisite may leave your car uninsured even if you paid your premium.

Protect and keep in contact with your teams

The Personal Tracker Securysat is a GPS/GPRS with the size of a key chain which provides accurate and reliable location data of your staff at the workplace. The Personal Tracker is a individual solution of GPS with a alert system in case of danger.

In addition to storing GPS data, it allows to continuously optimize the management of the battery and to generate specific alerts.

Track and protect your 2 wheelers

The Securysat Moto Tracker is a GPS / GPRS device specifically designed to track and trace your 2 wheelers.

In the same way that the Securysat GPS device, the Moto Tracker offers you the possibility to locate your motorbikes, monitor their travel routes and driving speed.

Compact, lightweight and with a long battery life, the Moto Tracker assures surveillance of your bike everywhere, 24h / 24h.

Follow your vehicles and objects permanently

The GPS box of Stand Alone is completely autonomic. When it works on batteries, it requires no installation, it is completely portable and adapts to all situations. It is useful for many markets because of its configuration options.

The StandAlone disposes an extraordinary flexibility that guarantees It addresses many markets and thanks to its configuration options, the standalone features extraordinary flexibility that guarantees a tailor-made solution.

The Securysat Construction Site Equipment Beacon is a geolocation device that enables to locate construction site equipment and control its utilization time.

This compact and lightweight unit is suitable to operate in the particular environment and usage conditions of specific to construction yard machines. The Securysat Beacon collects all the pertinent field data to trace and analyze the activities of the equipment.

Reports and alerts are then generated by the system to guarantee theft protection, proper maintenance planning and the availability of all required materials.