• Automatic calculation of on-site work time drastically reduces the cost of calculating service fees.  An easy UI provides visibility and means to correct inconsistencies, forgetfulness or errors which result from the reality of field work.  There are 3 ways to use the autonomous punch clock: badging in the vehicle with vehicle start/stop, the device is placed on-site or the device is fully mobile.
  • Mobility premiums are calculated daily for drivers and passangers based on actual travel time and taking into account the variety of circumstances.
  • Checkinatwork is an electronic registration of on-site presence for employees and subcontractors which provides for an easy way to ensure compliance with the Belgian Social Security Office (ONSS) legislation for sites with contract work of minimum at 500,000 EUR. Anyone involved with work on the construction site must be badged either in a vehicle, or on site or using mobile punchclock device.  Each person’s data is then verified real-time with the ONSS database to confirm the status of their social security contributions.
  • Securysat Mobile Punchclock for remote worksites tracks the presence of your field personnel at any time and from anywhere as well as automates back office reporting. Ideal tool to reduce operational costs and assure success at your remote work locations.
  • The active RFID sensors detect movements of equipment and track its location at all times, effectively preventing theft.
  • The Fuel Tracker controls fuel level of construction equipment and detects any theft done by drainage.

Aidoo mobile is designed to manage and maximize productivity of your field service teams.

It’s an ideal solution to optimize transport, improve customer service and shorten the billing cycle:

  • Real-time communication with your field teams to coordinate planning via smartphone or tablet.
  • Autonomous punch clock to register beginning and end of work time or beginning and end of a project.
  • Locating and dispatching the best person for the assigned job based on skills and proximity to the customer.
  • Digital interventions reports, including check lists, photos, time sheets, service forms and customer signatures.

Wide range of leading Securysat products offers solid fleet management solutions for vehicles, trailers and equipment.

Ideal to optimize driver’s schedules and travel routes, to communicate via alerts and prevent theft of vehicles, equipment and fuel.

  • Securysat TT – anti-theft  solution to localize and immobilize vehicles from a distance in case of theft.
  • GPS devices to follow drivers location in real-time applications designed for on-going communication: alerts and halt the vehicle in case of an adverse event.
  • RFID tags to prevent theft: active RFID transmitters and receivers used to detect motion of an object, such as trailer detachment or container opening. Same technology is also used to locate the equipment at any time. Fuel Tracker controls the fuel level by detecting theft by drainage or overfilling.
  • Fuel Tracker monitors the fuel level by the detection of theft by draining or overfilling