Mr. Delvaux, General manager Portomatic

It’s a perfectly practical combination: Econocom-Aidoo. We send all information about service and maintenance to our technicians in real-time. They report directly through their mobile app. At the same time a PDF report is sent to the customer. This way we gain precious time and work as efficient as possible.

Portomatic is a specialist service provider for automatic doors. We install, repair and maintain garage doors, electrical fences and barriers in Brussels and Brabant (a Belgian province). Our technical services are offered 24/7.

Portomatic was looking for a system to increase productivity of our technicians so that they can deal with more interventions. In addition, we wanted to enhance customer satisfaction by reducing downtime in case of breakdown of doors. We needed to improve our response time, it was important to geo localize our closest technician who could be onsite fastest and with the right parts for installation or repair.

The solution

The solution “ALL-IN” provides Android smart phones with pre-installed “aidoo mobile” – Viasat Connect Belgium’ app for workforce management.

“ALL-IN” includes preparation, delivery, installation, financing and replacement of smart phones.

Configuration and implantation of the solution specific for field-based technicians.

The benefits

  • Interventions: increased productivity and the possibility to serve customers.
  • Organisation: dispatching of the right technician for the right job.
  • Management: automation of order management and stock optimization of repair parts.
  • Invoicing: direct invoicing instead of once a month and automatic invoicing, time savings concerning “cash collecting”.
  • Increased number of interventions per day:from 4 to 6, meaning an increased sales turnover.
  • Repairs: noticeable decrease of downtime for the customer.

Nicolas Danielo – General Manager PNS

With Viasat Connect Belgium solutions, we were able to be more responsive, which benefited our home-care patients. What’s more, our administration was also greatly simplified.

Daniel de Herdt, IVTM

We chose Securysat Fleet as a supplier because it enabled us to extend our own solution and as a result improve the services we offer. By leveraging Securysat Fleet extensive web services we were able easily to integrate our own IT systems.

IVTM provides full support and administration servicesfor various vehicle breakdown and towing companies in Brussels, Antwerp and Nivelles. The heart of our organization is our call centre where the demands for towing service, police calls and other requests arrive. Our dispatching team works with our in-house developed software whichgives us a complete view of all breakdown vehicles, the location from which the tow request message was sent, indication of waiting times etc.

To provide a full service offering we knew that we must complement our own technology with a solid fleet management solution which will help us track and manage our own fleet of tow trucks. Securysat Fleet proved to be the right answer. It works with Google Maps, same as our systems, and using their extensive web services the integration with our systems was very straight forward.

Our 85 tow trucks are now equipped with the Securysat Fleet device, the web based software was successfully integrated with our own IT system and we are very happy with the customer service improvements we are able to deliver thanks to using both systems.

At our request, Securysat designed an additional feature which provides indication of distance and ETA at the desired destination. Also with this feature, our planners can view on their PC’s the exact location of tow trucks, they can estimate the duration of the job and at what time and where tow truck will be available for the next call. In addition, stranded customers can viewthe location and ETA of the tow truck directly on their smartphones, giving them more comfort knowing how long they must wait for the tow truck to arrive. Thanks to planning efficiencies we get now by using Securysat Fleet often the waiting is just a little shorter.

  • Reliable fleet management system
  • Web based service
  • Compatible with our own IT system
  • Efficient technical support
  • Using web services open for development of additional application
  • Short communication lines with account manager and developers
  • Works with Google maps

Victor Wiewauters - Sales & Marketing manager 3M Belgium

Viasat Connect Belgium’s solution has enabled a direct, significant improvement in 3M’s sales and performance in major retail outlets. It allows us to make sure that our products are where they should be and to immediately detect a problem in the rate of return.

Liesbeth Janssens – Regional Manager ISS

Thanks to Viasat Connect Belgium, our operating costs have been significantly reduced. We were able to gain new markets. And the scheduling solution made it possible to be more responsive, to our clients’ benefit and satisfaction.

Joel Vercammen - IT Manager Krones Belgium

Thanks to Viasat Connect Belgium, the billing cycle went from 6 months to 1 week. The service report is sent directly to the client. There are fewer complaints because everything is still fresh in the client’s memory.

Peter Cleymans, Directeur Commercial du Centre ambulancier de Flandre orientale SARL

We have been providing both emergency and non-emergency patient transport for over 25 years. Our dispatching process is supported by Securysat Fleet, ensuring that we are able to provide the best possible service to both patients and health caregivers.

Commissioned by hospitals, national health care, retirement homes and individuals we provide some 40 to 80 emergency and non-emergency patient transports per day, spread over 13 ambulances.

All our ambulances are equipped with a Securysat Fleet black box. Through the Securysat platform our dispatch always knows in real time where all our vehicles are and what they are doing. Are they busy with a trip, are they standing still and, if so, for how long?

As soon as planning is required, for example if a consultation ends, we can intervene immediately. If necessary, we will send the closest ambulance to take over one or more trips. After all, we know exactly where each vehicles is. We adapt the schedule and keep both patients and caregivers closely informed of the situation. For both parties it is obviously a very important service.

Furthermore, we can also count on the ‘Big brother eff ect’. I am convinced that Securysat Fleet makes our drivers more aware of their (driving) behavior. Our drivers know that we can see where they are, I get an instant SMS when the speed limit is exceeded and driver identifi cation always tells us who was driving which vehicle. For us, these are the additional benefi ts of Securysat Fleet.

Benefits of Securysat Fleet

  • Real time insight in vehicle location
  • Adapt schedule based on availability
  • Quick intervention in case of emergency
  • Control and awareness of driving behavior
  • Management tool

Jean du Bus de Warnaffe, Managing Director at Liftinc

We have seen a visible benefit from using track and trace in our service vehicles. Adding aidoo mobile lift was the next logical step to offer our clients the most optimal service.

As a small service-oriented company we are always looking for new technologies and professional applications to improve our services for our clients. By using track and trace technology in our service vehicles we always have full visibility to location of our field technicians. As such, in case of urgencies, for example when someone is stuck in a malfunctioning lift, we are able to respond rapidly by sending the nearest available technician.

Mobile app for our technicians is the next logical step. We are a small and agile company believing that using the latest technology can help us gain competitive advantage by lowering costs while improving our customer satisfaction. Our mechanics are therefore already working entirely without paper planning. Their android phones, now equipped with aidoo lift, are the only thing they need to manage their field assignments properly. It allows them to see their planning for the day, the addresses, the jobs and any additional comments. At the office we can monitor their work progress in real-time.

An extra advantage is the option to scan QR codes, so that the mechanic is sure he is working on the right lift. This function is very practical when working in buildings with dozens of lifts. Another useful aidoo lift function is its ability to send photos. Mechanics take pictures of defective parts and send them directly to our technical service. As a result, we know exactly what must be ordered preventing order errors and the accompanying delays. All this means faster, more accurate and the most optimal service for our clients!

Nicolas Piette, CSD-Director Home Care

aidoo mobile simplifies administrative procedures for our family assistants who provide home care to 10.000 families in our network. Very easy to use, the application makes our field team really efficient, it offers great time savings and flexibility.

CSD (Center for Home Care), partner of Network Solidaris Liège currently employs 950 staff who helps 10,000 families each year. Our employees provide assistance with daily chores and nursing care to families that are incapacitated and homebound. Our services include child care, meals delivery, shopping, personal care, nursing care, home maintenance, etc. Because of our active service, families in our network are able to continue their day-to-day lives in the comfort of their own homes.

Our nurses deliver a wide variety of nursing care, such as personal care and hygiene, injections, wound care, palliative care and more. Proper administration of our services was a real challenge for us. We knew we must fi nd a simpler and better tool for our fi eld staff to keep track of what they do and where and to decrease the chance of entry errors with paper forms. CSD Liège decided to totally replace paper forms “F54” by a mobile application.

Today, each of our 650 caregivers has a smart phone, equipped with the aidoo application that allows the caregiver to scan a unique QR code in order to:

  • Identify family / person / address
  • Confirm the time worked for each family (based on scanned hours and GPS locations)
  • Calculate the cost of travel between two addresses;
  • Reimburse expenses and avoid manually filling out of mileage;
  • Replace the paper schedule that was in the past sent by mail;
  • Provide access to the agenda for the next 3 days;
  • Provide information about the family where the nurse is going;
  • Call directly with the client using the application;
  • Plan itinerary between the addresses;
  • Add or modify a service if there is a change during the day in the planning;
  • Generate invoices.

Thierry Arbalestrie, General Manager Ajimex

Securysat Fleet offers geolocation AND real-time remote monitoring of the cold chain. Result: ‘zero incidents’ for Ajimex.

“Initially we were only looking to acquire a practical solution for geolocation to trace our vehicles in realtime.” Thierry Arbalestrie, Ajimex’ General Manager continues: “We opted for Securysat Fleet because it gives us a multitude of very useful reports to analyse productivity of our fleet. We can now see through reports: travelled route and mileage driven, stop times, hours worked and more. Only later we realized that it would also be very useful to remotely control the temperature in our vehicles. We provide a lot of transport services especially commissioned by the pharmaceutical industry where maintaining the cold chain is of high importance. In order to control the temperature in our refrigerated trucks in real-time, Securysat connected our existing sensors to the Securysat Fleet platform. From that moment on, we fixed an objective of ‘zero incidents tolerance’ for temperature variations. We are proud to say that so far we delivered on this objective, which is a great testimony to the value of Securysat Fleet product.”

Strengths of Securysat Fleet TEMPERATURE

  • Real-time remote monitoring of the cold chain
  • Alarm by SMS, e-mail and / or pop-up in case of any temperature variations above or below set temperature
  • Multi-Zone: temperature measurement in one or more zones
  • Calibrated sensors.

Laurent Jacquet - IT Manager, T-Palm

Viasat Connect Belgium’s solution has made it possible to meet the legal requirements regarding mobility bonuses while drastically reducing our administrative workload. Since its implementation, abuse of personal vehicle use has stopped completely.